Excited to announce my new release – “Sit by the River” ( feat. Asha )

Cover for my new release

A song that describes my profound love for nature.

Goes live on September 27. Click this link to get notified – “Sit By The River”

Just imagine, you’re walking through the forrest, feeling a sense of joy emanating from within. You start swaying and dancing all by yourself, surrounded by the most beautiful trees. You reach a stream, ” Sit by the River ” and hum away. This is exactly how I visualise this song.

There are two very special people who are an integral part of this song. First is Asha, a wonderful singer with a beautiful texture. She has given life to this deeply personal song. I am eternally grateful for her work. Feel free to hire her for your project, you won’t be disappointed. Follow this link to Asha’s catalogue on SoundBetter

After recording her voice, I mixed the song and sent it for mastering to a fine engineer, Andres Mayo. The importance of this final stage is so crucial. With his vast experience and knowledge, Andres made the song suitable for an ideal listening experience. Go check out his catalogue at Andres Mayo

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