The Hidden Mystery Behind Music – A closer look at how music works

Have you ever wondered what it was about music that captures the heart of humans all over the world? How is it that most humans and even some species of animals and plants react to music.
Well, there are many factors involved in making this effect of music possible. First, we must understand a little bit about the mechanics of music. There are three fundamental aspects of music. They are melody, harmony, and rhythm.


Rhythm in music

Rhythm is the most basic and the most natural and easy to understand. We are all born with a heartbeat. There is a sense of consistency and stability in a healthy human heartbeat. When the rhythmic element of music presents itself, our hearts resonate. It fills us with a sense of familiarity and joy.


Violin melody

Melody plays a very significant role. We all know this very well. Different notes and the way they interact together creates certain universal moods. For example, a major third, a perfect fifth or perfect fourth interval sound happy and pleasing. The minor intervals have the opposite effect. It is by combining these properties of notes that a composer paints his sonic painting.


Not all cultures use harmony in their music. There are places in the world where only rhythm, melody or a combination of both took a stronghold. Harmony took great importance in Western classical music. Most popular music stems from this use of harmony. It is harmony that could create textures, a sonic bed for the melody to shine on.
Harmony in music
So as you can see, music has a universal appeal, and the reasons aren’t that mysterious at all. The fact that something that we cannot see, touch, which is not tangible can have such an effect is fantastic. Its subjective quality lends to its mystery. Two people listening to the same track can have a different interpretation. All these factors are what makes music so magical and mysterious.

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